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Inclusive and participative

Bureau M2 works in an inclusive way; she strives for a balance between environment, social cohesion, economic opportunities and well-being. The interests of those involved are curcial.
Bureau M2 is positively critical and opts for a flexible, innovative & surprising approach that incorporates, for example, the principles of good governance and strategic choice approach.
Bureau M2 has a system and lifecycle focus and flexibly shifts back and forth between concept, planning and implementation.


approach where content, institutional and relational layer are integrated. More information can be found here

The strategic choice approach puts a dot on the horizon and then goes back to today. Step by step there will be working towards this dot. After each step, the people involved reorientate, give shape to new rosen problems, are sketching scenarios again, comparing these and are making choices. This is done in a participatory and interactive way. and Planning under pressure (Allan Hickling)