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Chain and circular

Bureau M2 opts for a chain or circular approach where possible, such as with the Bola Bondeh project and ASC Good(s) initiative. With a chain approach, Bureau M2 guarantees that every link in the chain is sustainable. With a circular approach, the aim is to really complete the circle.


Bureau M2 is involved in project WaterFocus regarding project management in setting up a sustainable water chain in Accra, Ghana. This chain improves the collection and governance of waste water, purifies the water and transforms it into high-quality compost that can be used in agriculture. The initiative is a collaboration between Accra Municipal Assembly, Green Gro Ltd, Louis Bolk Institute Ghana and WaterFocus cooperative

Bureau M2, together with its Haitian partners and Dutch partners Clearchox and Puur Koffie, has started developing a high-quality coffee and cocoa chain. Both to improve the position of farmers in Haiti and to encourage reforestation. Leading to a better physical and socio-economic resilience against hurricanes, droughts, floods, etc.. These chains will house Bureau M2 with its partners in ASC Good(s)

a balance between planet, people, profit and welfare

The CE is based on the organization of cycles in which products and materials are reused and raw materials retain their value for as long as possible. Strategically it is about organizing value retention. Circular is more than recycling; the purpose of recycling is to reuse waste. The aim of circular entrepreneurship is to design, make and use in such a way that there is no waste, or at least as little as possible. This brings new business opportunities and business models with regard to products and services. This creates multiple forms of recycling and there is substitution and conversion. Really circular organization means that changes must take place throughout the entire chain such that cycles are partially closed but most preferably completely closed. Realizing this involves a transition.